Kiasma Wall 2013 – Graffiti wall in the center of Helsinki


For the course of six weeks in the summer of 2013, a wall of urban street art called the Kiasma Wall was set up between the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art and the Baana cycle route.
Two sides of the triangular wall were open for anyone to paint on, while the long side was a so-called guest wall that featured 34 artists from seven countries during the summer. This was the first time street art was brought right into the centre of Helsinki, amidst national institutions like the Parliament House and the Helsinki Music Centre Musiikkitalo. Painters of different ages and with various levels of experience created a versatile collection of high-class and stylish artwork.

For the first time, the general public consisting of tourists and residents of Helsinki got to witness the making of street art in broad daylight at the amphitheatre of Musiikkitalo. “Kansalaistori came to life and the amphitheatre of Musiikkitalo was filled with people whenever there were painters working on the wall. During those six weeks, there were no disturbances whatsoever”, explains Antti Salminen, the media producer of Supafly, which is a street art agency of the Helsinki City Youth Department. “All the foreign artists that participated in the event commented on the exceptionally positive atmosphere surrounding street art in Helsinki”, Salminen continues.

The newly released Kiasma Wall 2013-street art video introduces all the guest artists of the event and sheds light on the painting process. One of the artists featured in the video is the most internationally known Finnish graffiti artist Egs, who has made Finnish graffiti known worldwide for 25 years and who represented Finland in the Madrid Art Fair in February 2014. Soten and Tiws, on the other hand, are internationally known Danish graffiti artists, who tour different events.

The Kiasma Wall-project that started in the summer of 2013 will continue in the summer of 2014.

The plans for a renewed street art wall, Kiasma Wall 2014, are already on the way. During the upcoming summer, the shape of the wall will be modified by creating a distinct, three-dimensional surface. Anyone interested in the planning of the event can contact Antti Salminen.

Big thanks:
Acton & Rosk, Bad Seeds, Ikaros & Slim, Jame & Trama, Drax, The Diamonds Crew, Soten & Tiws, Beamer & Close, Jussi Two Seven, Otto Maja & Mint, EGS, Poe, Tone & Masa & Jukka, Pallo & Drank, Sign & Taser, The Masters, Omos, Valo, Mondo Bizarro, Hero, Deos, Refida, UNC.

And everyone that we forgot!